Founded in 2004, Brilliance Financial Technology delivers Pricing and Customer-profitability systems for some of the world’s leading banks. DealPoint, our easy-to-use, highly-configurable, and scalable platform, offers comprehensive features to address the banking market’s diverse and complex needs. DealPoint seamlessly integrates into the banks’ origination processes, working with both CRM and Underwriting systems, as well as in-house and third-party data and models.

Using Brilliance’s DealPoint, banks can reliably evaluate, price, approve, and execute corporate and commercial credit and non-credit transactions based on metrics and analytics to complement business instincts and experiences. DealPoint empowers relationship managers, portfolio managers, and decision makers in over 70 countries with the tools to drive customer profitability.

The Brilliance team is among the most experienced in the world in delivering risk-based pricing and customer profitability systems. The team has helped banks successfully transform their pricing solutions to drive increased margins, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and pricing transparency.

Leadership Team

Christopher Grant Founder & Director
Jean-Edouard van Praet President and CEO
Vanessa Wu Head of Client Services
& Product Strategy
Mark Gu Chen Head of Product Management

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Our Clients

Brilliance delivers its pricing platform to some of the most prestigious banks in the world. Our clients have transformed their lending processes with our best-in-class integrated or stand-alone pricing and customer profitability system. At Brilliance, our clients are our partners and advocates.

The biggest advantage of working with Brilliance is how fast and responsive they are to our needs. We are delighted with the service they provide…We can operate much easier with Brilliance.
Vice president for investment data management, investment management firm
We use this measure called additional value added (AVA) that considers cost of capital and performance over a determined return on capital. We’ve found that branches that consistently use the Brilliance system show 20% to 25% above other branches in terms of AVA.
Chief economist, risk management, leading national bank
Brilliance enables us to seamlessly integrate deal and relationship risk return measures with our in-house models and Moody’s KMV DealAnalyzer, CreditMark and Portfolio Manager products in a standard deal and relationship profitability application delivered through a single desktop platform.
Derek SaundersGlobal Head of Portfolio Management, Global BankingHSBC
Increased visibility with more consistent recordkeeping has been the biggest value add of DealPoint. We have better control now that everything is priced there. Data sets are complete, and reports are accurate in terms of volume and revenue.
Executive director, credit portfolio management, banking and financial services Institution
We have improved margin management from implementing the Brilliance tool, and the CFO and CEO would agree with me.
Executive director, credit portfolio management, banking and financial services Institution
DealPoint gives our relationship managers something concrete — a standardized consistent view and understanding. It gives them the tools to have the right kind of dialogue [with our customers].
Commercial finance officer, regional banking corporation

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