Accelerating the Digital Pricing Transformation in Banks

Christopher Grant
Founder & Director

Chris Grant has successfully founded and grown a number of software companies and has been in the industry for more than 30 years. The development and delivery of software systems for financial services is his specialty. He understands the issues banks face, and he is determined to solve them.


Jean-Edouard van Praet
President and CEO

Jean-Edouard van Praet has spent more than 25 years working in the fintech industry helping executives around the world scale their businesses. A self-identified “builder,” van Praet thrives in his ability to increase the efficiency of small companies so they can maximize their growth potential. His extensive experience running successful businesses includes his current position as CEO of Implement Holdings, an investment company focused on financial technology and services that serve the front, middle and back office.  He was previously  CFO, Partner and Director of RIMES Technologies, a technology-enabled data and services company for the asset management industry.

Due to his vast experience in the fintech world, van Praet brings a comprehensive network with him to Brilliance. He speaks five languages and has lived in Europe, Asia and the U.S.


Vanessa Wu
Head of Client Services and Product Strategy

Vanessa Wu joined the Brilliance team with 20 years of experience in risk management at KMV and Moody’s Analytics. Wu is an advocate for expanding the use of data and metrics to complement business instincts and experience. She has seen first-hand that banks can achieve higher return on risk and increased profitability by modernizing their pricing technology, while capturing key transactional and behavioral data in the process. More data collection will lay the foundation needed for pricing transparency in the lending market, an outcome Wu hopes to witness within the next decade. Wu believes Brilliance is poised to contribute to this transformation in the lending market.

Prior to working for Brilliance, Wu held various leadership roles in client service, training, sales, and product management at KMV and Moody’s Analytics in the United States, London, and Hong Kong.


Mark Gu Chen
Head of Product Development and Management

Mark Gu Chen has spent nearly 20 years in the financial services industry – with a great deal of that time spent working closely with banks’ middle and back offices. He has observed firsthand the weaknesses in existing pricing models and has dedicated his career to helping banks make these models stronger. Chen sees Brilliance technology as the ideal way for banks to start capturing important data that is normally lost, to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. He joined Brilliance because he believes there is a real market need for the DealPoint product. Chen prides himself on his ability to help each client understand how Brilliance can serve its unique needs. At Brilliance, he manages product development and works closely with clients and prospective clients to help them maximize the value of the DealPoint solution.

Prior to Brilliance, Chen spent 2 years creating a new Market Data system at Development Bank of Singapore. He has worked as an Integration Architect at IBM, a Middleware Specialist at Merrill Lynch and more. Chen’s expertise ranges from the tech side of banking to the operational side.


Prasad Akkala
Head of Client Implementation

Prasad and his team are responsible for implementing the Brilliance DealPoint pricing solution for clients globally. He is the main subject matter expert at Brilliance for the calculations within DealPoint, as well as for the implementation of the client’s methodologies used in DealPoint.  Prasad has extensive experience with complex risk and return calculation engines used by large tier 1 banks.  He continues to be involved in requirements gathering, implementation planning, project management, and client support for a few key long-term Brilliance clients.

Prasad joined Brilliance in 2004 when the company was founded. He played various roles within Brilliance, including software development, project management, and quality assurance. Prior to Brilliance, Prasad was Senior Programming Manager for Fusion Technology Group.   Prasad was a civil engineer for 13 years before joining Fusion.