Clients Have Transformed Bank Pricing with Brilliance Financial Technology

Some of the most prestigious banks in the world rely on the Brilliance DealPoint Digital Pricing Solution. Our clients have transformed their pricing, deal management, and portfolio management processes:

Pricing Control

“Increased visibility with more consistent recordkeeping has been the biggest value add of DealPoint. We have better control now that everything is priced there. Data sets are complete, and reports are accurate in terms of volume and revenue.”  Executive director, credit portfolio management, banking and financial services Institution

“Brilliance has been very helpful for our commercial business where we don’t have a lot of consistency.  It does enable apples to apples comparison. It reflects the activity consistently. With Brilliance, we improved the consistency of inputs such as risk parameters, deal elements, and so on. This allowed us to compare apples to apples in potential deals.”  VP, Capital and Portfolio Analytics, regional banking corporation

“By running the pricing and loan approval process on Excel spreadsheets, you get into all kinds of operational problems. How do you know the inputs were correct in Excel?  What if there were new parameters with new tax rates?  That was a control issue for the bank.”  Head of portfolio analytics, global bank

Real-Time Portfolio Analytics

 “Brilliance enables us to seamlessly integrate deal and relationship risk return measures with our in-house models and Moody’s KMV DealAnalyzer in a standard deal and relationship profitability application delivered through a single desktop platform.”

“Accuracy is probably the No. 1 benefit of Brilliance DealPoint. The DealPoint deployment to replace our old tools meant that we came up to speed with all our return on capital metrics. We can now get the level of precision that we want in deal technology.”  Director, multinational bank

“Prior to the implementation of DealPoint, we couldn’t measure return on capital for deal origination accurately, and it created an environment of mistrust in our estimates. With DealPoint, accuracy was an important benefit, particularly on the institutional side where you’re doing deals that are a few hundred million. If you’re doing a $500 million revolving facility, you want to have that level of precision and make sure you’re not going to make a wrong decision.”

“DealPoint enabled the business to see what return on economic capital looks like for a real commercial deal they were considering. It has most certainly increased visibility with improved analytics. People now have confidence when approving deals. They know they are making decisions on current information.”

“One innovation was the addition of approval workflow. By approving the deal in the Brilliance system, we can use the data to see who has priced the deal and see which of these is real. We can run management information that is forward-looking. We have 8,000 people around the world originating loans. We now get forward-looking early indicators of what the sales force is doing.” Head of portfolio management analytics, leading multinational banking and financial services company

“With spreadsheets, we can’t differentiate between deals that got accepted and deals that did not go through.”

Relationship Pricing and Customer Profitability

“Without the insight from DealPoint, we would not necessarily have these conversations that push for additional business.”  Commercial finance officer

“With our old tools, we found it very difficult to simply aggregate two products into a scenario. So even just simple deal aggregation was a benefit of DealPoint.”

“DealPoint gives our relationship managers something concrete — a standardized consistent view and understanding. It gives them the tools to have the right kind of dialogue [with our customers].” Commercial finance officer, regional banking corporation

 “What used to happen is we would do an old deal at lower pricing, if we got additional follow-up business. In the past, we didn’t know if that business happened or not. Now, we can go back to management and the relationship manager, and say this is still outstanding. The introduction of that process has made a huge difference overall, and cross-sell convergence has grown substantially stronger within a year.”

Improved Margin Management

“In some cases, we’ve seen pricing on a particular loan increase by 20 to 30 basis points because of these conversations.”

“We have improved margin management from implementing the Brilliance tool, and the CFO and CEO would agree with me. DealPoint forces us to put more discipline around our pricing. With DealPoint, I definitely think there has been a distinct improvement, an overall five basis points improvement on the average deal.” Executive director, credit portfolio management, banking and financial services Institution

“We use this measure called additional value added (AVA) that considers cost of capital and performance over a determined return on capital. We’ve found that branches that consistently use the Brilliance system show 20% to 25% above other branches in terms of AVA. The old system was too simplistic and had too many assumptions that couldn’t work.”  Chief economist, risk management, leading national bank

“DealPoint forces us to put more discipline around our pricing.  With DealPoint, there has been a distinct improvement in margin on the average deal.”

Benchmarking and Pricing Scenarios to be More Competitive

“People have good awareness of what’s happening in the market, what size of cross-sell and market penetrations we have been able to achieve in different sectors. When pricing deals, we can now offer several scenarios and options. These choices offered increase our chances of winning.”

“DealPoint is akin to a Bloomberg screen on an otherwise unlisted and invisible market.”

Portfolio Management Efficiency

“Now all we need is one person to look at the Brilliance system, do analysis, control workflow, and work with the relationship manager. We are at least two times or three times as efficient as before.”  Portfolio management team

Fast Changes with DealPoint

“The problem with the other tool is that it was embedded within our customer management web flow system. It was one small component of this beast of a thing, and to make changes to that, you were a slave to release cycles and processes.”

Brilliance Team Adds Deep Expertise and Best Practices

“The biggest advantage of working with Brilliance is how fast and responsive they are to our needs. We are delighted with the service they provide. We can operate much easier with Brilliance.”  Vice President for investment data management, investment management firm

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