Brilliance recognized as Top 10 fintech solutions provider

September 26, 2016 Risk Management

Brilliance Financial Technology was recently recognized by CFO Tech Outlook as a Top 10 finance technology solution provider for 2016. Brilliance's DealPoint solution, which offers risk-based pricing and profitability measurement solutions to the banking industry, was selected from a list of 300 nominations by a panel of high-level decision-makers in the banking industry and on the publication's editorial board. 

"The flexibility of the DealPoint solution is key."

Brilliance's solution applauded for sophistication and flexibility 

In a time of increasing demand for compliance and risk management in the corporate finance industry, CFO Tech Outlook emphasized the significance of financial technology solutions like DealPoint are helping companies get rid of uncertain, error-prone spreadsheets in favor of more reliable technologies. 

CFO Tech Outlook praised Brilliance's DealPoint solution for its ability to seamlessly integrate with a bank's internal origination process, as well as for the power and flexibility it provides banks when it comes to credit risk measurement, analyzing portfolios and assessing loan profitability. 

Chris Grant, CEO of Brilliance, spoke with CFO Tech Outlook about why he believes Brilliance is so good at what it does. Grant agreed that the flexibility of the solution is key, explaining that it accounts for the fact that pricing platforms are dynamic by allowing banks to continuously change and improve their systems. 

What this means  

According to Vanessa Wu, Brilliance's managing director and head of client services and product strategy, Brilliance's ranking in CFO Tech Outlook demonstrates that finance companies looking to raise their revenue, scale their processes and grow incrementally are increasingly turning toward technology as the ultimate solution. In addition, Wu explained that pricing is becoming a more prevalent topic in the marketplace. 

Technologies like Brilliance's DealPoint solution are helping organizations raise revenue and price loans more effectively.Technologies like Brilliance's DealPoint solution are helping organizations raise revenue and price loans more effectively.

A look to the future 

CFO Tech Outlook also highlighted Brilliance's plans for the future, which include improving its cloud solutions for tier-three banks, extending the use of its technology to smaller banks as well as non-banking institutions and broadening its footprint throughout Western Europe and North America. Grant emphasized that the experts at Brilliance will keep offering best-in-class pricing and profitability solutions to customers. 

Brilliance's recognition in CFO Tech Outlook not only shows an increasing need for solutions like DealPoint in the marketplace, but also that Brilliance is leading the way. With DealPoint, Brilliance is helping banks develop more centralized pricing models, thereby boosting their visibility into the lending process, helping them remain compliant, and increasing their margins.