Increase Customer Relationship Profitability for Your Bank

Give your Relationship Managers (RMs) comprehensive tools to help understand a deal’s impact on the profitability of the customer relationship.

All the Data your RMs Need is in one Place

Your Relationship Managers will easily understand the value of each customer relationship, considering both credit and non-credit products, because they’ll have an integrated view of actual customer profitability.

They’ll easily calculate margins based on overall relationship profitability.  RMs will see how to make each customer more profitable, with all the information on risk, revenue, and expenses on a risk-adjusted basis in one place.

With DealPoint, your RMs will help you retain the customer relationships you want.

Customer Profitability Tools

These unique tools will make your RMs better informed to make smarter decisions faster.  RMs will be more productive.  And your margins will improve!

Scenario Transaction Analysis – your RMS can run “what if” scenarios to see the impact of various deals on customer profitability.

Repricing – allows RMs to easily assess how new deals, combined with existing products or repriced products, impact the relationship income.

NEW! Cross Sell tracking — makes relationship income an integral part of decision-making to drive customer profitability.  DealPoint now gives your Relationship Managers insight to push for additional business.  You’ll drive holistic relationship-based pricing with consideration of cross-sell income.  And all cross-sell opportunities are tracked.

This encourages RMs to be more aware when making cross-sell promises.  Cross-sell history becomes key to future deals – because RMs are reminded of promises, and approvers are presented with cross-sell history during the deal approval process.