Optimize Your Bank’s Deals to Improve Margin and Gain Competitive Advantage

Your Relationship Managers (RMs) will optimize each deal with clarity — and drive more revenue from each relationship — with DealPoint.  It digitizes your existing pricing process and eliminates time-consuming manual steps — so RMs spend more time building customer relationships and selling based on profitability.

Integrated View of Each Customer Relationship

Give your RMs a complete, consistent relationship view for each customer with everything in one place.  They’ll price more appropriately for the entire relationship.  And they’ll never lose sight of overall customer profitability — with a clear understanding of the deal’s impact.

Your pricing models, existing transactions, and future promises are integrated in DealPoint to save RMs time, improve accuracy and transparency, and boost productivity.

Price across Your Entire Product Catalog

RMs will more effectively price new and existing credit and non-credit transactions with precision and speed:

    • Accurately model your most complex and sophisticated deals to give you true flexibility
    • Apply your unique methodology and decision metrics across different lines of business and product lines
    • Users can access features, screens, and information based on each user’s role and needs.

Complete Toolset to Optimize Price – and Boost Deal Volume

DealPoint empowers your front line with a Complete Toolset for structuring deals — and benchmark information to keep them well-informed. RMs can create various scenarios of the deal and easily compare different options.  They can see historical profitability, project the impact of the deal, and even evaluate cross-sell promises.

Wizard-Driven Deal Creation —  Automates and guides Relationship Managers through the creation of a deal.  Data is prepopulated to speed up the process and reduce data entry errors.  No more manually gathering data from different systems or entering the same information multiple times.

Target Pricing & Rate Management — Get real time, dynamic pricing targets by Product Type, Industry Sector, Geography, Risk Rating, Promotions and/or other factors.

Scenario Analysis – Run multiple “what-if” scenarios of the deal side by side to see the impact of various possibilities on customer profitability.  Calculate performance measures, such as RAROC (risk adjusted return on capital), SVA (shareholder value added), ROE (return on equity), and ROA (return on assets).  Or generate custom measures for each scenario that best suit your enterprise.

Your RMS can review alternative deal structures, and submit one or more scenarios for pricing approval before presenting to the client.  This allows full traceability and understanding of the pricing process of the deal.

Target Solver — solves for the margin, fees, or other variables that will help the RM achieve hurdle.  No more need to do back-of-the-envelope calculations outside of the pricing tool.

Sensitivity Analysis — identifies the variable(s) with the biggest impact on deal results.

NEW!  Role-Based Recommendation Enginesuggests alternate deal structures, fees, and potential cross-sells to improve the chances of winning the deal.  Powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning, based on your bank’s own real-time data, help recommend optimized deal structures.

NEW!  Benchmarking – provides transparency into how a proposed deal compares to market prices and recently booked transactions.   RMs can see the risk-adjusted return for similar products and deals in their branch or business unit.

NEW!  Pricing Insight – easily visualize the data to drive smarter and faster decisions.

Deal Dashboard helps understand the multi-year performance of the proposed deal and its impact on relationship profitability.

Notification framework notifies users of changes in the status of the deals.  Users also get notices when a deal is being shared with them and when a deal is expiring.

Mobile Web and Tablet Interface

Relationship managers can access DealPoint from their mobile devices or from their desktop. The web and mobile interface provides a rich experience both in the office and at client premises.  RMs save time while providing timely service for your clients.

For busy senior managers and executives, approval via e-mail allows you to approve deals on the go and avoid becoming the bottleneck to the time-sensitive pricing process.

Measure Performance

DealPoint tracks the granular details of every deal, from initial pricing through to final booked price. You can measure performance of each Relationship Manager, salesforce, branch, region, or line of business.  This wealth of data is used to produce rich and interactive analytics as well as powerful benchmarking and recommendations.

Integrates with any of Your Internal Systems

DealPoint now has a NEW standard open API framework:

    • Seamlessly integrate into your bank’s unique origination processes, including your CRM and booking systems, as well as in-house and third-party data providers/services.
    • Integrates with core banking and product catalog systems
    • Synchronizes pricing data in real-time to your reporting and data repositories
    • Create new product variants, fees, and product bundle definitions on the fly