Implement a Proven Automated Pricing Solution in Your Bank Fast — with Best Practices

You’ll have a proven pricing solution delivered in a short amount of time to achieve your specific objectives — and tailored to your bank’s pricing models and processes.

You don’t have to conform your pricing model and process to a template.  Your own pricing model is configured in DealPoint for you.  We partner with you to ensure the configuration meets your needs. (Unlike the competition, we’re not just selling software licenses.)

We’re also not merely automating your process.  Through 25,000 users across 50 countries over the last 5 years, we’ve developed a proven set of best practices.  We’ll discuss your processes with you, and make suggestions along the way — based on what we know has worked for the world’s leading banks.

Deploy DealPoint — and New Products — Quickly

DealPoint can be deployed quickly – in months (not years) — while adhering to your particular pricing model and workflow processes.

The system is highly flexible in calculations and UI (user interface) configuration.  And it includes tools to allow your bank to modify the system as needed:

    • Implement your bank’s style guide in DealPoint
    • Use DealPoint in multiple jurisdictions, languages, and currencies

Rapid Product Builder

DealPoint supports a complex catalog of products in lending and non-lending.  You can rapidly customize or create new products (without IT intervention) using a simple building block approach.

Easy Table Maintenance for Maximum Flexibility

Users can modify calculation parameters and assumptions, behaviors, data and business rules, and user interface preferences.  Your changes are implemented instantly – without waiting for IT.

Designed for Data and System Integration

The DealPoint platform is designed with an open web application programming interface (API) for two-way communication between DealPoint and other bank systems.   We’ll seamlessly integrate DealPoint with your email system, Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution, origination process, underwriting, and business intelligence systems, and/or other in-house or third party systems, data, and models.

Manage “basis point leakage” by integrating with your booking system:

    • You’ll ensure the approved deal terms and conditions are accurately captured in the booking system.
    • End-to-end pricing patterns from draft to booking allow you to see how the price changes in the entire deal process.
    • This also ensures that DealPoint is the single source of truth for pricing – you’ll capture accurate pricing for booked deals, not just approved deals.

Platform Neutral

DealPoint is intranet-based, and can be deployed on the infrastructure your IT and security experts prefer.  You can deploy DealPoint on premise or on the public or private cloud.

Tablet/Mobile Ready

DealPoint offers untethered access through any mobile device.

Modern User Interface

The latest generation of DealPoint incorporates our own learning from 15 years of serving over 25,000 users.  The web-based user interface is modern and easy to use.

Highly Scalable

DealPoint’s three-tier architecture can scale both horizontally and vertically for any size, complexity, and volume of business.  DealPoint handles simple deals and products to highly complex deals and products for any size bank.

Complete Control over Your Data

DealPoint captures detailed transaction data to give you full transparency into your pricing practices.  With DealPoint, you have complete access and control over your data at no added cost.

Contains Your Costs

DealPoint can reduce your legacy software maintenance and update costs.  And there are no per-user fees.