Automated Pricing Approval Workflow Gets Your Bank’s  Approvals Faster and Enhances Productivity

DealPoint’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution will speed up your approval workflow.

The complete automated pricing process will easily be tailored for your bank.  You’ll modernize and automate your own processes using a proven solution — and without a long lead time!

Seamless Integration for Faster Approvals

The platform can manage your price/deal approval workflow, and integrate seamlessly with your CRM and origination process.

DealPoint also integrates with your email system to speed up your approval process.  Decision makers can review and approve deals right on their mobile device, no matter where they are.

Clients have reported that complex deals that used to take weeks can now be done within a day.

 Right Approval Levels and Fully Audited Process

With DealPoint, you’ll get deals to the right approval level automatically.  You’ll improve productivity while ensuring the right person sees the deal.

The approval workflow will orchestrate and fully audit your entire approval process.  It captures details such as comments, attachments, and even the reason(s) for losing a deal.

The approval patterns captured in DealPoint provide insight into:

    • Pricing power and/or pressure
    • RM discounting behaviors
    • How long it takes to complete a deal
    • Productivity blockers and process bottlenecks

Approval rules can be based on deal size, hurdle rate, or any metric based on your approval process.  Approvers may include Team Leads, Business Heads, Product Owners, and/or any other stakeholders who need to participate in the process.  Approvals can be processed sequentially, in parallel (or a hybrid of both), and/or approval by committee.   Approval logic can be very different from one business line to another to reflect how your organization make decisions.