Transform Your Bank’s Risk-Based Relationship Pricing Strategies

With DealPoint, you’ll have a proven risk-based relationship pricing platform to give managers more control.  And you’ll access real-time data to further push margins and take proactive measures to win deals.

Tailored-for-you Relationship Pricing Solution

You won’t have to conform your pricing model and process to a template with DealPoint.  Your own risk-based relationship pricing models are configured in DealPoint and automated for you.

With this modern, easy-to-use system, you will:

    • Price at the enterprise level across products, regions, and lines of business
    • Tailor your pricing to different clients easily – with dynamic pricing by customer, industry, and other factors.
    • Easily deliver your pricing models to the front line — to support even your most complex, sophisticated, and large-scale deals

Are You Currently Relying on Spreadsheets?

How do you know the spreadsheet inputs were correct?  Do you maintain different spreadsheets for different lines of business?  Do you have data issues with populating the spreadsheets?

With DealPoint, there are no more manual inputs into spreadsheets,so you improve accuracy and reduce errors.  And you also eliminate manual and inefficient processes.

DealPoint Will Improve Your Process and Give You New Competitive Advantages

Everything is priced in DealPoint, so you have more control and transparency over pricing.

You can set pricing targets and deploy them universally.  Easily define and maintain proprietary risk and pricing methodologies. The platform supports multiple methodologies, including economic and regulatory capital (Basel I-III), RAROC, SVA, ROE, ROC, and SEA.

Implement Risk-Based Pricing Models across Products

DealPoint handles the full range of corporate and commercial credit and non-credit transactions — loans, leases, deposits, cash management, payments, cards, and capital market products.  The solution allows for variation in product combinations and specifications to accommodate differences in your markets or business lines.

You can deploy DealPoint enterprise-wide (or for individual lines of business) to support your proprietary calculations, complex product catalog, and unique business processes.

Configure for Key Roles

DealPoint supports key activities of your Relationship Managers, Commercial and Risk approvers, product owners and portfolio managers.

    • Your system is configured to your specification – to reflect your products, methodology approval process, and reporting/analytics.
    • Everything is tailored for your bank — allowing for differences in user interface, product behaviors, approval workflow, calculations, and reporting dashboard across regions and lines of business.

Data is also secured along users and groups and fully supports audit/regulatory requirements.  For example, you can give different user types different permissions – so you control access to different clients, reports, features, and products (even down to the level of individual properties and values).

Make Changes Fast

Easily implement changes to your configuration and data.   For example, you can roll out new hurdle rates for a sector to introduce a new product variant within the same day.

You can also easily modify calculation parameters and assumptions, rate behaviors, pricing approval thresholds, business rules, and user interface preferences in-house – without time consuming and costly releases.

Streamline Audits, Risk Governance, and Regulatory Compliance

When you reduce the number of manual processes, you reduce your chance of errors.

Make risk governance, audits, and regulatory compliance effortless. The platform automatically records the time and person who creates, updates, and approves a pricing submission.  Every activity throughout the pricing cycle of a deal is tracked and recorded.   DealPoint also records changes to data, configuration and methodology for audit purposes.

You’ll capture accurate, consistent pricing data across the enterprise – and easily access it through the user interface and reporting database. No more manual gathering of emails or excel documents!

Real-Time Dashboard and Analytics

You can visualize your data in real-time and through many fit-for-business dashboards. Track the pricing of a deal through the entire origination process to get rich insight into the business. See emerging pricing trends, understand variations across sectors or regions, generate and tailor benchmarks for the team, and ultimately improve pricing and profitability for your organization.

Detailed transaction records of every deal are recorded in the DealPoint database.  You can integrate your preferred Business Intelligence tool with DealPoint to access the database.  Or you can push the data to your central database.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed the competitive advantages of DealPoint?