See What Digital Pricing Could Mean for Your Bank

Rapidly automate your risk-based relationship pricing and approval process and give your bank a competitive advantage.

DealPoint helps your Relationship Managers (RMs) optimize every deal with a focus on customer profitability and risk-adjusted return. And you'll have a complete real-time view of your portfolio.

DealPoint seamlessly integrates with your CRM and other in-house systems, as well as third-party data, models and systems. And all without loss of client data privacy. Your RMs have pricing and customer data pre-loaded for them – so they get a consistent full view of each customer relationship.

Key Features

Brilliance DealPoint technology offers user-friendly features to front-, mid-, and back-office managers to increase productivity, efficiency, transparency and quality of work. The solution arms decision makers with key customer profitability metrics that help them approve deals quickly from their desk or any mobile device. DealPoint makes front-office practices visible to portfolio managers and policy makers by providing them with rich data analytics they can use to maximize return on risk, manage portfolio concentration, and drive increased margins. The platform affords modelers, system administrators, and ultimately the bank complete independence and control over their data, model, and process.

Core Benefits

Banks using DealPoint get more than the best-in-class, modern pricing and customer profitability solution. They ultimately gain increased margins, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and pricing transparency.

Scenario Transaction Analysis

Analyze new and existing credit and non-credit transactions with precision and speed. Calculate select performance measures, such as RAROC (risk-adjusted return on capital) and SVA (shareholder value added), ROE (return on equity), ROA (return on assets). Perform a what-if analysis before submitting the optimal deal for approval.

Customer Profitability

Understand the value of the customer relationship and maximize the total return of credit and noncredit products. Get an integrated view of the actual customer profitability, and immediately measure the impact of new transactions on the relationship.

Approval Workflow

Manage end-to-end credit application and approval workflow, and integrate seamlessly with the CRM and origination process.

Web and Tablet Interface

Get access from anywhere. The web and mobile interface provide a rich experience both in the office and at client premises without deployment and management issues.

Target Pricing & Rate Management

Get real time, dynamic pricing targets by Product type, Geography, Risk Rating, Promotions and/or any other factors. All approval and historical changes are audited.

Visual Calculation Modeler

Easily define and maintain proprietary risk and pricing methodologies. The platform supports multiple methodologies, including economic and regulatory capital (Basel I, Basel II, and Basel III), RAROC, and SVA.

Product Builder

Rapidly customize or create new products. Using a simple building block approach, advanced users can modify the user interface, data rules, and calculations.

Dashboard and Analytics

Visualize your data in minutes. Combine multiple views of data to get rich insight into the business. See emerging pricing trends, create benchmarks, and improve pricing policies.


Make risk governance and compliance effortless. The platform automatically records the time and person who creates, updates, and approves a transaction. This information is available in the user interface and reporting database.


Seamlessly integrate pricing with Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Origination process, and/or other in-house or third party systems, data, and models.

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