See What Digital Pricing Could Mean for Your Bank

Rapidly automate your risk-based relationship pricing and approval process and give your bank a competitive advantage.

DealPoint helps your Relationship Managers (RMs) optimize every deal with a focus on customer profitability and risk-adjusted return. And you’ll have a complete real-time view of your portfolio.

DealPoint seamlessly integrates with your CRM and other in-house systems, as well as third-party data, models and systems. And all without loss of client data privacy. Your RMs have pricing and customer data pre-loaded for them – so they get a consistent full view of each customer relationship.

Automate Your Risk-Based Relationship Pricing

  • Your own pricing models are digitized and configured in DealPoint for you
  • Price at the enterprise level across products, regions, and lines of business – and tailor pricing by customer, industry, and other factors
  • Gain more transparency and control over pricing, because everything (credit and non-credit transactions) is priced consistently in DealPoint
  • Improve margins – because RMs and decision makers have better key customer profitability metrics at their fingertips
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and support audit and risk governance

Optimize Every Deal to Boost Deal Volume and Quality

  • Make RMs more competitive with a Complete Toolset – run “what if” scenarios, understand the sensitivity of key parameters, see benchmarks, get recommendations for different deal structures, solve for the right combination of terms to meet hurdle rates, analyze the multi-year effect on profitability of the deal – and more
  • Put all the data each RM needs for pricing in one place – including customer, pricing, and product data. The DealPoint recommendation engine integrates in real-time with your other bank systems
  • Submit more quality deals in less time with fewer errors
  • RMs spend more time building valued relationships and selling based on the profitability of the relationship

Analyze for Customer Profitability

  • RMs have a complete, consistent view of each customer relationship all in one place – through seamless integration with your data warehouse, CRM, origination and booking systems.
  • They can see the impact of any deals on customer profitability, including cross sell income
  • RMs can price, or reprice, more appropriately for the entire relationship – to optimize customer profitability and hold onto more business.

Automate Your Approval Process

  • Streamline your approval process by automatically sending each deal to the right approval level.
  • Once evaluated, the decision is pulled back into DealPoint automatically to ensure every deal is fully audited and reported.

Management Reporting and Real-Time Portfolio Analytics

  • Actively manage to pricing targets – set hurdle rates or return on capital goals. The approval process then adheres to the way you want to shape your portfolio.
  • Transparent deals give you a real-time view of your portfolio. You’ll have the opportunity to modify a deal’s pricing before the deal is done.
  • DealPoint captures granular data on deals happening bank-wide to more effectively optimize return on capital (for wholesale lending) and maximize margin (for commercial and SME lending).
  • Decision makers have access to Deal dashboards, reports, Deal Benchmarks, Client history, and even RM track record at each point of decision.

Fast Implementation and Integration

  • You can have a proven pricing solution in just months, tailored to your bank’s own pricing models and approval processes.
  • We configure DealPoint for you, and include best practice recommendations as we work with you.
  • Highly flexible in calculations, business rules, and user interface configuration.

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