Optimize customer relationship profit margin

with DPX Pricing Management for banks

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If you’re still using cumbersome tools, error-prone processes, and disjointed systems to manage your bank’s pricing, you’re falling behind. Without a modernized digital pricing solution, you’re giving up control of profit margin, exposing your bank to operational risks, and missing opportunities to win new customers.

Embrace the digital revolution and give your bank a competitive advantage with DPX, the latest generation of DealPoint. Free your valuable resources from manual, low-level tasks, so they can focus on higher-value activities to improve your bank’s overall performance.

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Gain pricing control, consistency, and transparency across your enterprise

DPX Pricing Management digitizes your bank’s end-to-end deal pricing process across the entire product catalog, divisions, regions, and lines of business. 

  • Your own proprietary pricing models and performance metrics are digitized in DPX. You don’t have to make any compromises, regardless of how simple or complex your calculations are.
  • Price at the enterprise level across divisions, products, regions, and lines of business. You have unlimited flexibility to tailor pricing by customer, industry, and other factors to fit your pricing strategy.
  • Gain more transparency and control over pricing across both credit and non-credit products. Consistently capture and record pricing decisions in DPX during the pre-pricing and final stage of the pricing process.​
  • Align model consistency and profitability measurement across sales, risk, treasury and finance teams.​
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and support audit and risk governance.

Improve sales performance and relationship profitability

  • Relationship Managers (RMs) and approvers have a complete view of each customer relationship and can structure each deal to maximize customer profitability as well as return on capital.
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning-enabled recommendations guide RMs in every step of the deal structuring process.​
  • RMs can run “what if” scenarios, see benchmarks, solve for the right combination of terms to meet target rates, analyze the multi-year profitability impact of the deal, and more.​
  • Makes repricing of existing products with new products seamless.​
  • Tracks cross-sell opportunities to consider holistic relationship value and holds RMs accountable for future promises.​
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Streamline and speed up pricing approval

  • Orchestrates and speeds up the approval process by automatically sending each deal to the right approval level.
  • RMs can send one or more scenarios for approvals before they present the deal to the customer.
  • Records every pricing decision along the way.
  • Yields hidden insight on discount behaviors, pricing power and pressure, because all pricing discount requests and decisions are recorded.

Extract insight from real-time, interactive analytics

DPX Reporting and Analytics includes dashboards tailored for RMs, approvers, pricing managers, and executives, in addition to actionable analytics.  DPX captures granular, real time data on deals happening bankwide.

  • Track sales, revenue, and profit targets
  • Analyze pricing trends
  • Understand win/loss statistics
  • Discover areas of operational inefficiencies
  • Assess portfolio risk, return, and profitability
  • Identify pockets of pricing power/ pressure
  • Evaluate sales, product, and strategy effectiveness
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Holistic approach to managing Profit

DPX Pricing Management is strategically designed to work in concert with DPX Rates & Product Management and 

Profitability Management for a holistic approach to managing profitability.

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With DPX Rates & Product Management, you can dynamically create and change rates or product structures to respond to market opportunities and changes.

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With DPX Profitability Management, you will understand the value of the customer relationship, how each deal impacts the bank’s portfolio in real time, and the forecasted profitability of each deal.