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Pricing and profitability management
for leading-edge banks

Designed for corporate & institutional, commercial, SME and business banking

DPX combines Pricing,
Rates & Product, and
Profitability Management

Your bank’s financial success is driven by pricing, rates and product, and profitability management. But in many banks, each critical function is addressed in silos, or not addressed in an integrated fashion.

DPX, the next generation of DealPoint, centralizes deal pricing, rates and product, and profitability management in combination to drive holistic portfolio and relationship profitability in real time.

It’s uniquely tailored to execute your strategy using your models, products, and processes. And it’s the collaboration hub that integrates with your different systems and aligns all the stakeholders of the pricing and profitability process.

It’s your bank — modernized and super-charged on the DPX platform.


Improving your profit goes beyond deal structuring. 

You need to sharpen and connect all the critical tools that drive profitability.

Pricing Management

Rates & Product Management

Profitability Management


Because your bank is unique and shouldn’t be confined to a template.

Your model

Your product

Your process


Re-envision a seamless user journey that creates value for your bank.

Differentiate yourself from
the competition with DPX