Gain new control over your bank’s profitability

With DPX’s forward-looking Profitability Management in real time

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Banks typically manage profitability by looking in the rear-view mirror. But by the time executive management receives the profit numbers, they’re outdated and irrelevant.

To drive improved profitability, you need historical profit outcomes along with forward-looking assessments. You want to know how your portfolio is tracking against targets, understand what impact the pipeline will have on the final number, forecast bank revenue and profit for the reporting period, and take actions to steer results.

You can modernize your profitability management with DPX, the latest generation of Dealpoint. DPX delivers the transparency you need to achieve profit targets.

Real-time, forward-looking Profitability Management across your bank

With DPX Profitability Management, you can slice and dice your portfolio by customer, division, sector, region, and product — just the way you’ve traditionally managed profitability — and gain these new capabilities:

  • Get a real-time view of the portfolio as deals are being priced in the front office
  • See multi-year forecasts at the relationship and portfolio level
  • Move away from volume tracking in a silo, by looking at the holistic value of each customer, including cross-sell promises
  • Set hurdles and targets for frontline staff aligned to the bank’s profitability goals
  • Refresh revenue and profit forecasts at any time – no need to wait until month or quarter end!
  • Run consistent financial outcomes in metrics of your choice, e.g., RAROC, ROE, ROA
  • Ensure consistent models and metrics across the sales, risk, and finance teams

Holistic approach to managing profit

DPX Profitability Management is strategically designed to work in concert with Pricing Management and Rates & Product Management for a holistic approach to managing your profit. 

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With DPX Pricing Management, you will structure and price each deal knowing how it impacts the customer relationship value and your bank’s portfolio.

Rates and Product Management Icon

With DPX Rates & Product Management, you can dynamically create and change rates or product structures to respond to market opportunities and changes.

Are you ready to see this powerful DPX Profitability Management in action?