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How their margins improved — with more consistent pricing and real-time transparency of each deal

Read what bank customers say about the return on investment they’ve realized by deploying the Brilliance Financial Technology platform. Forrester computed the three-year risk-adjusted results for these leading banks.


Reap the rewards by digitizing your bank's pricing process

Is your bank trying to compete using outdate, inefficient processes – with manual inputs, multiple spreadsheets, and no accurate view of the entire customer relationship? When you digitize your pricing process, you’ll create new opportunities to increase margins. Discover how digital pricing is a fast path to more profitable operations.


How one bank modernized its pricing solutions

When one international bank wanted to modernize its pricing solutions, they turned to Brilliance. See how they implemented the Brilliance solution across their different business units, and the difference they experienced, both on the front line and for management.


DPX from Brilliance Financial Technology

“How Do You Stay Competitive in the Digital Age? DPX: A Solution for Bank Pricing and Profitability”


Banking in a Negative Interest Rate Environment

Get the Australian and New Zealand perspective on the negative interest environment, and learn how banks can prepare systems and processes .

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