Dynamically configure your bank’s products, rates, and fees

With DPX Rates & Product Management

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Does your bank struggle to keep track of rates, fees, and costs as your product range continues to expand? Are you missing market opportunities — because you’re slow to deploy changes to your products, rates, and pricing strategies — to meet customer demands and regulatory changes? Simplifying your products and pricing models to manage these challenges is not always the answer.

With DPX, the next generation of DealPoint, managing all components of your product and pricing framework through a central and auditable digital environment is now a reality.

The flexibility you need to manage your rates,
costs, and fees

DPX Rates & Product Management allows you to manage rates and products without code changes and with minimal IT involvement.  You can maximize market opportunities and execute on internal and external policy changes quickly and easily:

  • Create/change your product structures, including rates, fees, and costs, to suit the market’s changing needs
  • Manage rates, costs and fees for the most complex, sophisticated, and large-scale scenarios and relationships​
  • Implement a limitless rule-based combination of rates and fees, replacing the need to manage individual price points for every product combination​
  • Create promotional rates or derive new rates by applying any attributes based on channel, region, client segment, and/or product feature
  • Adjust liquidity premium, cost of funds, or any cost factors on the fly
  • Simplify audits with maker/checker functionality across your central source of truth for costs, rates, and fees
  • Assess the impact of model parameter and assumption changes in a ‘sandbox’ before deploying them
  • Integrate and distribute product and rates details to other systems in real time via APIs

Holistic approach to managing profit

DPX Rates & Product Management is strategically designed to work in concert with Pricing Management and Profitability Management

for a holistic approach to managing your profit.


Pricing Management icon

With DPX Pricing Management,
you will structure and price each deal
knowing how it impacts the customer
relationship value and your
bank’s portfolio.

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With DPX Profitability Management, you will understand the value of the customer relationship, how each deal impacts the bank’s portfolio in real time, and the forecasted profitability of each deal.