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Imagine your bank modernized and transformed — with an integrated end-to-end digital pricing and profitability system. We can help you accelerate your digital transformation to drive increased profitability.

We are experts in tailoring digital pricing and customer profitability systems for banks. It’s been our experience over more than 15 years that every sizeable bank needs a tailored solution. Though the market challenges may be similar, and the features different vendors offer may look alike, you need a solution that reflects your strategy, methodology, product catalog, and processes.

DPX is a breakthrough for the banking industry

We are the first to combine pricing, rates and product, and profitability management in one integrated solution, DPX, our latest generation of DealPoint. Rather than patching individual issues that negatively impact bank profit, DPX takes a holistic approach to address these common issues collectively:

  • Sub-optimal pricing in the front line
  • Backward-looking profitability measurement in finance
  • Slow delivery of rates and product changes
  • Model inconsistencies between departments or lines of business
  • Data inaccuracy, or operational inefficiency arising from manual processes

More than 15 years experience to get you up and running fast

Our deep experience includes implementing the most complex enterprise-wide pricing models and profitability solutions.

We have a proven track record over the last 15+ years of working with wholesale, commercial, and business lending from small to large Tier 1 banks around the world. DPX, our latest 4th generation, cloud-native solution, reflects over a decade of evolution in pricing and profitability management.

When you work with Brilliance, you get the flexibility and control of an internal build, without the burden to evolve the solution to reflect the latest technology and market trends. Our agile implementation approach will help you see positive results in just weeks, rather than years. And you’ll enjoy proven positive impacts to your bank’s bottom line.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification Icon Bureau Veritas

Brilliance Financial Technology is ISO27001 certified.

Brilliance developed the first bank pricing solution – and continues to lead the industry

Your Brilliance team is among the most experienced in the world in tailoring and implementing pricing and profitability technology:

  • Created the first commercially available pricing solution integrated with the bank’s systems.
  • Brilliance technology now used by more than 25,000 users in 50+ countries, on five continents, and in different localizations.
  • Delivered successful automated pricing and profitability solutions for Banks in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Asia, Africa and Australia
  • Includes IT and banking specialists from banks, Merrill Lynch, IBM, and more.
  • Expertise ranges from relationship management to financial technology to the operational side of banking.

Banks achieve measurable results with Brilliance

The Brilliance team has helped banks successfully transform their approach to managing profitability — to drive increased margins, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and pricing transparency. Brilliance clients, who are our partners and advocates, experience:

  • 11.6 bps increase in deal margin

  • 379% return on investment

  • 66% increase in deal volume

  • 25% increase in portfolio management efficiency

  • Speed and agility to innovate

  • Increased governance and control

Brilliance Financial Technology has transformed pricing and profitability for banks around the world

Is your bank ready for a digital pricing and profitability transformation?