Your end-to-end path to margin improvement
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Have you considered what digital pricing could do for your bank?

Banks around the world are digitizing and re-envisioning their end-to-end customer journey, looking for ways to stay competitive. Pricing is one key area that shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s critical to your bottom line.

Digital pricing will drive operational efficiency, margin improvement, and regulatory compliance for your bank. Without digital pricing, you become less competitive every day — and your path to profitability continues to narrow.

Can you really afford another day without digital pricing?

DealPoint is Your Path to Profitability

DealPoint digitizes your unique pricing process for lending AND non-lending products.  In just months, you’ll have a tailored solution covering your product catalog across lines of business.

Your DealPoint solution is fully integrated into your end-to-end process, finally giving you a holistic view of customer profitability. 

You’ll enjoy a proven solution used by some of the most profitable tier 1 banks in the world. When you add DealPoint, you gain these competitive advantages:

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Benefits of Digitizing Your Pricing and Deal Optimization Process


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You'll Achieve Quantifiable Results

Banks using DealPoint report improvements to daily operations as well as to the bottom line.

  • 66% increase in deal submission
  • Increase of 25% in portfolio management productivity
  • Risk-adjusted ROI of 379%

Automate Your Pricing and Approval Process End-to-End

DealPoint automates your enterprise-level Relationship Pricing, Deal Optimization, Customer Profitability, and Approval process across products, regions, and lines of business. It's tailored to YOUR pricing models and processes to help you:

  • Focus your front-line on risk-adjusted return and customer profitability.
  • Tailor pricing by customer, industry, size, risk, etc.
  • Improve pricing consistency across customers for the same risk
  • Benchmark, optimize, and approve corporate and commercial credit and non-credit transactions.
  • Enjoy accurate, transparent, real-time deal reporting to optimize return on capital.

Enjoy Best Practices from the World's Leading Banks

The latest generation of DealPoint builds in best practices from 14 years of success working with the most complex and sophisticated pricing strategies in the world's leading banks. The first digital pricing platform for banks continues to lead the industry with new capabilities.

Brilliance Brings Deep, Unique Experience with a Proven Solution

Since 2004, DealPoint has been deployed in over 50 countries and is used by over 25,000 users. One customer put it this way: "Brilliance helped us optimize our existing process beyond just automating it. Their deep experience in banking made the difference."

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