A powerful new tool to drive
bank profitability in real time

Introducing DPX, the latest generation of the world’s leading 
bank digital pricing and profitability solution

The modern bank needs a different approach for managing pricing and profitability

Are you tired of managing profitability through a “rear-view mirror”?

Are you still pricing for relationship profitability on manual spreadsheets — and juggling data from multiple systems?

Are you struggling to modify your rates, products, and pricing strategies in real time?

With bank ROE dropping, and competitors using the latest automation technology, you can’t afford to continue without a powerful solution.

It’s time to digitally transform the way you operate to drive superior performance.

DPX combines Pricing, Rates & Product, and Profitability Management
to give your bank state-of-the-art capabilities to grow your profit

DPX, the next generation of DealPoint, is uniquely tailored to your bank’s specific models, products and processes. 

The solution integrates:

Pricing Management

Structure and price deals with a comprehensive toolset to optimize customer relationship profit

Rates & Product Management

Dynamically create and modify rates, rules, fees, and costs to respond to changing market demands

Profitability Management​

Gain a real-time comprehensive view of past and future profitability at the relationship and portfolio level ​

Brilliance solutions have been delivered in 50 countries to 25,000+ bank relationship managers

Our 15+ years of experience has been consolidated into DPX, our 4th generation cloud-native platform.

Proven results

Average Deal Margin

Deal Volume

Return on Investment

Portfolio Management Efficiency

"DPX streamlines our commercial processes, which is extremely important to service our clients better and faster. Working with a partner like Brilliance who really knows what they're talking about and are really specialized in bank digital pricing is crucial to our transformation program's success."

Lissy Smit
Global Head of Loan Product Group

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Brilliance Financial Technology driving bank profitability

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