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Review bank ROI with the Brilliance solution

Forrester Consulting finds 379% ROI for banks using DPX

Banks with multiple years’ experience using Brilliance Financial Technology’s pricing and profitability solution talked to Forrester Consulting about their results. This Total Economic Impact™ study examines the return on investment that banks achieved using Brilliance Financial Technology’s DealPoint solution (now called DPX).

Banks revealed . . .

Number 1 point in Forrester Report

How their margins improved — with more consistent pricing and real-time transparency of each deal

Second point in Forrester Report

How relationship manager productivity improved — with pricing, as well as customer relationship information — pre-loaded and available in one place

Number 3 point in Forrester Report

How the portfolio management team increased their operational efficiency by as much as 25% — with real-time granular reporting of every deal

Number 4 point in Forrester Report

How their legacy software maintenance and update costs declined — by consolidating to a single pricing solution 

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