Brilliance Partners with Accern for DPXesg Launch

NEW YORK and SYDNEY, Dec. 14, 2021 – A new strategic partnership between Brilliance Financial Technology and Accern will incorporate AI and NLP-enabled Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analytics into DPX – Brilliance’s risk-based pricing & customer profitability system for banks.

The companies are partnering to develop an innovative ESG sentiment analysis and benchmarking capability for the forthcoming DPXesg service by utilising Accern’s market leading no-code data science platform for financial service organizations, complemented by Brilliance’s multi-year experience in supplying ESG risk assessment tools for banks.

“Ever growing pressure from regulators, investors and customers demands that banks incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into their commercial decision making.” said Jean-Edouard van Praet, CEO and President of Brilliance Financial Technology. “As a proven partner for global Tier 1 & 2 banks, Brilliance is very excited to be collaborating with other innovators like Accern to enhance the capabilities of our state-of-the-art ESG solution, DPXesg. With a number of major partner banks committed to going live in early 2022, DPXesg will allow global financial institutions to solve the complex problem of incorporating ESG data seamlessly into their commercial decision-making process.”

“Alternative data, specifically unstructured data, is filling in the existing gaps of company ESG reporting as well as counteracting greenwashing by bringing the actions and practices of organizations to light.” said Kumesh Aroomoogan, Co-founder and CEO of Accern. “Our no-code AI platform has helped financial services teams turn this data into something profoundly impactful, enabling genuinely sustainable investing. We are thrilled to partner with Brilliance to bring a product to market that will empower banks to make ESG assessments with confidence.”

Brilliance’s DPXesg will enable banks to assess and evaluate their clients’ ESG performance regardless of company size. DPXesg will integrate seamlessly into a bank’s client onboarding, annual review or deal structuring workflow, and will use Accern-enabled AI/NLP analytics and data to alert users of any ESG risks.

Accern’s no-code AI platform empowers both technical and non-technical teams to extract themes and sentiment data from unstructured data such as financial filings, news and transcripts in real-time to capture a more accurate pictures of a company’s ESG impacts and challenges.    

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About Accern:

Accern is a no-code AI platform that enables teams at financial organizations to easily build machine learning models that uncover signals and trends from unstructured data for better risk and investment decisions. Teams use Accern to build and deploy Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Predictive models, specifically trained for financial use cases to automate processes, find value in data and inform better business decisions – faster and more accurately than before. Enterprise clients such as Allianz and Mizuho Bank use Accern to save time, increase productivity and make smarter risk and investment decisions. To learn more, visit      

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