Rabobank Optimizes Digital Pricing Strategy with Brilliance

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Brilliance DealPoint, the solution that automates and streamlines dynamic pricing, is now integrated across Rabobank’s wholesale bank ecosystem

February 25, 2020 – New York, NY – Brilliance Financial Technology, a global leader in providing end-to-end digital pricing and intelligence, today announced its strategic partnership with Rabobank, the world’s largest Food & Agri financial institution based in the Netherlands. Rabobank likes to work with partners that add value for its customers. Rabobank has rolled out the industry-leading deal management and relationship pricing solution, Brilliance DealPoint, to manage its commercial engagement process in wholesale banking globally.

DealPoint digitizes and streamlines Rabobank’s pricing, as well as its pricing approval workflow. The new digital process gives Rabobank more insight into the portfolio and provides Relationship Managers (RMs) with a better view into their clients’ position on pricing, product, and cross-sells to steer the overall relationship. DealPoint is a key part of Rabobank’s strategic investment in its re-envisioned customer end-to-end journey. As such, DealPoint integrates into the bank’s ecosystem – including Customer Relationship Management, Client, Booking, Enterprise Service Bus, and Credit Approval systems. With the newly streamlined process, Rabobank creates a seamless experience for bankers — that provides more flexibility and adds real-time data analysis and insight to their wholesale lending commercial engagement process.

“We are pleased to work with Brilliance, who is quite adaptive and creative in tailoring DealPoint for Rabobank.  They really do understand the needs of global banks like ours,” said Lissy Smit, Global Head of Loan Product Group of Rabobank. “DealPoint streamlines our commercial processes, which is extremely important for us. so we can service our clients better and faster. Working with a partner like Brilliance who really knows what they’re talking about and are really specialized in digital pricing is crucial to our transformation program’s success.”

“Our work with Rabobank is reflective of our mission to help global banks modernize their pricing transformation journeys. DealPoint’s seamless integration into Rabobank’s wholesale bank ecosystem provides them with a more holistic view of performance and profitability,” said Jean-Edouard van Praet, President and CEO of Brilliance Financial Technology. “Now, Rabobank is able to gain real-time insights into their customers, as well as conduct business anytime, anywhere. An integrated process is critical for future success and Rabobank is leading the way in the competitive landscape,” he added.

Rabobank is exploring additional ways to leverage DealPoint’s capabilities across its other divisions, products and regions.

This latest version of DealPoint adds key enhancements to the platform to drive performance in today’s market landscape:

  • Relationship Profitability: Real-time view of the proposed Deal’s impact to the overall Relationship, including existing and potential cross sell products.
  • Cross Sell Tracking: Formalizes the promise of additional relationship income into the decision-making process and enables the reconciliation of projected versus realized revenue
  • Recommendation Engine: This AI-driven feature leverages real-time data to analyze price elasticity and suggests alternate deal structures, fees, and potential cross-sells
  • Pricing Insight: Data generated throughout the digital pricing process is utilized by out-of-the-box data visualizations to drive smarter and faster decisions for business heads, product owners and strategic decision makers
  • Standard open API framework: Makes it possible to integrate DealPoint into key stages of the customer end-to-end journey
  • Benchmarking: Incorporates real-time comparison of proposed deals with latest market prices

About Brilliance Financial Technology

Brilliance Financial Technology is a global leader in providing end-to-end digital pricing and intelligence, enabling the world’s leading banks to optimize operations. As the leading provider of risk-based pricing and customer profitability systems, Brilliance enables banks to make smarter decisions, faster.

Brilliance’s flexible and scalable solution, DealPoint, is uniquely tailored to each bank’s pricing model, and allows for rapid automation of the pricing and approval process. DealPoint has been deployed in over 50 countries across the globe.

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